Just like furniture or fashion, bathroom remodeling follows trends. In fact, innovation and functionality are the most important factors considered when remodeling a bathroom. If you are planning to carry out this important home improvement project, you have made a great decision. Thus, it is vital to know what is new.

t2w3edfc6hywed87u2Homeowners like a personalized and comfortable home. This explains why the majority of them prefer remodeling their home to moving out. In the past years, the main purpose of remodeling is to improve the resale value of a home. Nowadays, homeowners are doing it for their comfort. You can check some bathroom remodel pictures in St. Louis to get some new ideas. Home remodeling increases the value of a home and makes it look modern.

Market trends

Comparing to the last few years, bathroom sizes for many homes have been increased. Moreover, modern cabinets are added. Also, the radius of the cabinets continues to increase every day. Most importantly, it adds a subtle finish to your bathroom. Moreover, there is wall hung cabinet. If you want a lot of storage space, you should consider installing shallow drawers.

Key remodeling trends

You will realize that bathroom sinks are quite bright nowadays. This is because bright colors are known to brighten up a dull bathroom. Another popular remodeling technique is the addition of fiberglass or acrylic sinks. Moreover, tub coverings play a significant role in a bathroom’s home appearance. The following are the key trends you should consider for your next bathroom remodeling project:

Wall paints

Paints or wall papers that match the color scheme of your bathroom can be a great addition. They make the bathroom look great and appealing.


Concrete and vinyl flooring are widely used as compared to tile flooring. It is advisable to have the floor colored to suit your favorite color scheme. This is quite good if there is a lot of water exposure. Also, you will ensure that your concrete floor lasts long.g2w3ed7cyu2w3e22

New fixtures

Modern fixtures are great as they make a fashion statement. They also offer functionality and style. It is advisable to choose gold or chrome fixtures as they are popular and simple to install. Avoid resin handles and clear plastic handles as they are no longer a trend.

Regular tubs have been replaced by the jacuzzi. You can also decide to go for a steam shower. It will make you feel refreshed, and it is convenient for your home. Remodeling your bathroom by taking into account the current trends, will improve the value of your home.…

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